June 30, 2009

I’m still here… LUFIA IV WILL NOT DIE.

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I’ve been glancing at the Lufia World forums and I’ve been noticing a lot of faith deminishing. Well, I need to do this, I need to say that there is STILL DEVELOPMENT ON LUFIA IV.You will get your sequel!

So far, I’ve been listening to the comment said about the art direction in the game. And even though it’s not going to change MAJORLY. I’m still doing tons of changes to the overworld design and the detail involved. This change also had to do with a certain place I needed to put in the game significant to the story that I can’t reveal quite yet.

The big announcement though: There is going to be a very small ALPHA TEST, one that you can walk around, battle, pickup items… equip etc. NOT MUCH, and you’ll be confined to a space- like a dog. This is in responce to this…

Note: That’s NOT Lufia IV but in fact another fan game being made by a Lufia World Forum member named “Anthony”.

I suppose it’s about time, expect the download SUPER soon.