July 14, 2009

Choices of Lufia 4

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First off, I would like to thank everyone for their positive replies. The input helps me polish the game even more. I’ve already done some the request:

  • The selection noise has been changed and the ready meter is faster.

I have some bad news. Unfortunately, my engine (OHRRPGCE) for the game is heavily dependent on the |ESC| key and it just so happens that very key stopped working on my little EEE PC I build this project on. Which is a shame because I was really getting into the swing of things. Fortunately though, I’m still able tomake the game on another computer, it just won’t be as frequent unfortunately.

How much of this? (This is not Lufia 4)

How much of this? (This is not Lufia 4)

You wouldn’t believe how much time goes into planning the direction of the title. Which dialogs, pace, story, characters, level design and images have to be given to the player Story wise, I’m always taking into account that I’m primary  making the game for the Lufia fan, so with that in mind. I need to mix a lot of old Lufia logic with enough fresh ideas. Harder than it sounds. Looking at the Lufia Series  here is what I identify as the Lufia “Staples”.

  • Doom Island that usually appears once a century
  • Red Haired Hero, decedent  of Maxim
  • Blue Haired Secondary female character that always turns out to be Erim generally.
  • Four Sinistral
  • Dual Blade that only Maxim blood can wield

There’s also other things that may have to be considered.

  • Will there be a decedent from the Lexus?
  • Can Gratze be relevant in some way?
  • What role would Arek the Absolute play?
  • Heck, how much reference can Lufia: The Ruins of Lore play?

I’ve already answered all these question and have processed all these thoughts. I think you’ll be surprised with the direction of the game takes. And I hope you’ll like it once the game’s first demo actually comes out.

July 8, 2009

Lufia 4 Alpha Download

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Let me clarify that this is NOT THE FINAL, BETA or even the GAME VERSION OF LUFIA 4; This is an engine test and some proof that the game IS still in development.

This is the extent of what you'll be playing. Sorry- This isn't a game.

This is the extent of what you'll be playing. Sorry- This isn't a game.

Lufia 4 Alpha Test

Some have trailers, some have picture, this is a PLAYABLE test. It’s SOMETHING after a long time of really nothing.

July 5, 2009

Tell EVERYONE you know about Lufia IV

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I want to see more Lufia II HACKS!! (Not Lufia IV)

I want to see more Lufia II HACKS!! (Not Lufia IV)

Even though this is a little game, it’s still going to be a title done with love. What keeps me going is how amazing the Lufia Trilogy was (Ruins of Lore was a side story). I want the games quality and perfection to be remembered a brought as wide spread as possible!

Tell everyone about this project, tell people to play old Lufia titles, maybe get started on your own titles. Get the Lufia rush going! With this, it will encourage Square-Enix to get moving on more Lufia initiative.

The objectives:

More Lufia fan games!
More Lufia II hacks
More Lufia official games

The alpha test will be out very shortly! Stay tuned

June 30, 2009

I’m still here… LUFIA IV WILL NOT DIE.

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I’ve been glancing at the Lufia World forums and I’ve been noticing a lot of faith deminishing. Well, I need to do this, I need to say that there is STILL DEVELOPMENT ON LUFIA IV.You will get your sequel!

So far, I’ve been listening to the comment said about the art direction in the game. And even though it’s not going to change MAJORLY. I’m still doing tons of changes to the overworld design and the detail involved. This change also had to do with a certain place I needed to put in the game significant to the story that I can’t reveal quite yet.

The big announcement though: There is going to be a very small ALPHA TEST, one that you can walk around, battle, pickup items… equip etc. NOT MUCH, and you’ll be confined to a space- like a dog. This is in responce to this…

Note: That’s NOT Lufia IV but in fact another fan game being made by a Lufia World Forum member named “Anthony”.

I suppose it’s about time, expect the download SUPER soon.

March 22, 2009

The Engine That runs Lufia IV

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Not in the game. lol

I understand that it’s a very popular choice to use something along the lines of ‘Game Maker’ and ‘RPG Maker’ but I’ve been working work with this engine for almost a decade and I feel more confortable and can get the game out faster like this- That’s what counts.

I really invite people to use the same game creation engine that I use and so many other people use. I really like this idea of all the community creating thier own Lufia.  The engine is called…

Official Hamster Republic Role Playing Game Construction Engine… or OHRRPGCE for short (?).  Google it.

March 19, 2009

A Couple of Screenshots

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Here are a couple of screens to show the viewers that the game IS being developed.

Screenshot One

Screenshot One

Screenshot Two

Screenshot Two

Next I’m gonna get a composition or something from my sister hopefully.

Tell me what you think?

Get Involved: Company Intro Screen

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Remember that?

Remember that?

I need something like that, but it’s a lot more complicated now seen the whole Lufia Franchise is involved from A-Z.

Companies that need to be mentioned.

Square Enix (owns Taito)
Taito (owns Lufia Franchise)
Chris Bradshaw (Presenting Lufia IV)

The resolution has to be 320×200 the screen must be white text against a black backrounds

I’m really looking for an old school feel with a NES type font (ALL CAPS).

Like that

Like that

I’ve got no idea how to arrange it enough to look super real. If I get nothing after a while I’ll be forced to make my own eventually.

March 18, 2009

Lufia: Ruins of Lore

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This is not Lufia IV

This is not Lufia IV

When it comes to the hardcore community of Lufia, it’s a very well known fact that Lufia: Ruins of Lore is not actually Lufia 4 but in fact a SIDE STORY that happens some years after the ORIGINAL Doom Island War featured in Lufia II. So numerically speaking Lufia: Ruins of Lore is actually 2.5 because it branches off that era.

That game was on the Game Boy Advance and looks a lot better graphically than the one I’m making respectively.

Now I’m personally under the impression that the Lufia community has deemed Lufia: Ruins of Lore unworthy of the Lufia name therefor NOT putting any Lufia: Ruins of Lore references into a sequel.

But I strongly disapprove with that logic.

For some people other than the die hards that have started with Lufia/2 Lufia ROL was there first Lufia experience. It’s still in my opinion a good game taking away the main staples of Lufia.

Not to mention if it happened in the universe of Lufia, it’s part of Lufia’s Franchise now.

March 5, 2009

Get Involved: Title Screen

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Alright here’s the title screen so far:



I’m wondering if the fan base likes it. The game, as I stated before is pretty off beat.

If there’s any discontent though, I would really encourage the that person to make a title screen for the game.

YES, YOU can make title screen for Lufia IV.

Here are the specifications…

The title screen must be 320×200 to work with the engine I’m using.

If I get enough response I may have a vote.

Title screen needs to be better than the one shown.

If there are any questions please ask in the ‘comments’ section and I will answer them.

**If there’s no reply, no change. Fine by me.

February 21, 2009

Lufia IV’s new look

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Okay, I need to let it out in the open before it becomes too much of a surprise. In order for me to enjoy making the game, I decided that I needed a new look to set this Lufia apart from the others.

Note that this is a text shot and the actual scene is not confirmed.

Note that this is a text shot and the actual scene is not confirmed.

The style I’m going for is cartoonish environments and NES style sprites. This game is going to be a new direction for Lufia and I needed a look to reflect that.

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